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I wanna be her when I grow up

Come chat with cool ladies with Irene!

Jan 28, 2021

“I used to take a lot of joy in being rootless and I’m all about the roots now.”

Irene welcomes Isabel Nelson. They talk about the journey Isabel is on as an artist, student, mother, administrator, community member, and white person. Isabel talks about big and small decisions that have impacted her life and they...

Jan 14, 2021

Irene welcome singer, songwriter, musician, and actor Leslie Vincent. They talk about living dreams, finding joy in day jobs, and the surprising ways new doors can open when you make new decisions. 

Leslie Vincent is an actor, singer, and musician who grew up across the East Coast and the UK, thanks to the US military....

Jan 7, 2021

"Not everyone deserves the full me."

Irene welcome Tyrai to chat about going from being a classroom teacher to lead adults in learning about racism and sexism. Tyrai talks about the importance of the WNBA when she was a young basketball player, coming out to herself and her mother, and the joy she gets from being a...